Challenge Accepted!


Let’s make this week a special week, shall we?

Because after all, 29’200 days (assuming you have an average lifespan of 80 years) is all we have in this wonderful planet. That’s it. And yes, you guessed it right – that makes about 4’171 weeks. That’s not that much, if you think about it! 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

― Helen Keller

The worst part is, that we make ourselves believe, that we have enough time in the future to do something special with our lives. Heck, you probably thought you had at least 10’000 weeks left, didn’t you? And because of that, we keep our dreams in that special little corner called: “Regret” with everything else that you wanted to do with your precious life.

Because after all, everybody’s goal in life, is to make something special with it. But how could we, if we have a 9-to-5 job, arrive home tired and have only enough time to do something on the weekends?

But don’t worry. This post is not about quitting your job and finding your passion. It’s about making everyday special, challenging (in a good way) and memorable!

Let’s make every mediocre and monotonous workday special by adding some simple challenges.

First Challenge: Try To Start a Conversation With a Stranger. 


Just say something situation-related. It doesn’t have to be something special. The goal is to get out of your comfort zone. But don’t forget to smile! Smiling will most probably break someone’s defense.

Remember that person at the coffee shop waiting in line? Or somebody sitting next to you at that lecture? 

There is no perfect location to approach someone. Reality is not a romantic comedy! There is always someone, who’s grumpy and doesn’t want to talk to you. But that’s good, because those kind of people are exactly the ones we want to avoid!

Now think about it for a second. Why shouldn’t you talk to a stranger? Is it because your parents told you not to? What could go wrong?

It’s just social conditioning. 

I have already incorporated this habit into my life and these are the changes I’ve noticed:

  • expanded my comfort zone
  • became more extroverted
  • found myself a new girlfriend
  • my otherwise boring days became more interesting
  • expanded my group of friends
  • made new experiences
  • meet someone who could be the link to my new job
  • and a lot more

Now it’s your turn to accept the challenge!

This post is just the beginning..there will be more challenges further on! So keep in touch.

Thanks for reading..Keep Improving!


  • Josef

    Challenge accepted!
    Looking forward for the other challenges.

  • Lyle

    Great article! Keep posting James.

    All the best, Lyle.

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