Stop Watching TV!


Negativity is all around us nowadays. If you turn on the TV you won’t find anything but bad news or a semi-good sitcom. I actually don’t possess a TV anymore for a bunch of reasons, but yesterday a friend made me watch it and this is what I experienced:

  • boredom
  • lazyness
  • bad posture
  • anxiety
  • fear

I felt like my IQ dropped 10 points. I couldn’t believe that there are still people actually watching television. And it made me angry. Why would somebody watch 7 minutes of advertisements every 15 minutes, just to see a random show that the audience can’t even choose for themselves. Why hasn’t everybody changed to the Internet by now? Doesn’t everybody know, that in the Internet you can watch whatever show you like, skip the advertisements and actually learn something?

And it’s not even that, which makes me angry. It’s the following reasons:

  • TV makes you dumb
  • It takes away your power of choice

And last but not least: It only shows you the negative side of the world.


After watching TV for 3 consecutive hours with my friend. I thought the world was going down. I “witnessed” corruption, world hunger, catastrophes, rape and much more.

You might think for yourself, that the universe in itself is a bad place and only bad things are happening around us. But what about the good deeds? Did you notice, that there are almost no news about good things happening in the world?
That’s mostly because we humans love bad news (source). And the news companies know that: if it bleeds, it leads. So as a consequence that’s all we get. 


“When you’re young, you look at television and think, there’s a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want.”

- Steve Jobs.


But consuming that amount of negativity a day can’t possibly be good for anyone. It makes you pessimistic and wires your brain to negative-thought patterns.

What you could do instead of watching television:


  1. Watch an informative documentary online
  2. Go to and learn about economics, mathematics, medicine or something useful
  3. Go to and learn new things
  4. learn how to code on
  5. Or my favourite past-time: Learning new things on

So let’s stop this insanity and let’s learn something useful instead! 

I’d like to finish my post with this inspiring TED Talk, which will make you think more about the actual state of our world.

Thanks for reading..Keep Improving! Your James.

  • Finn

    I think the reasons to justify all those things are pure rejection on a mass scale. Like, I don’t like to watch tv. But after having dozens of people call me weird and ask me things like “why are you eating that?” “Ahhh you don’t find ketchup gross?” or “WHY ARE PEOPLE INFRONT OF MY CAR WHEN I’M DRIVING” like, crazy people.

    Or not seeing a blinker for hours while driving.

    LIke nonstop rejection, hundreds of thousands of failed opportunities plus a lack of food.

    That and no gas makes it a lot better then Risk.

    So then, when you get out of that cycle and go to seek ways to overcome your problems and find out, you will never know why people reject you or dislike you. And you know you have zero people in your corner and only your friends own computers regardless of your attempts from crazy big failed opportunities.

    When your isolated in your home because it’s safer makes tv a friendly voice down the street from something way worse.