5 things you can do to be happier


We all have days when we’re down. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are 5 things I implemented into my life, to make me happier and I am sure it can help you too.




Although this one might take a while to see the benefits..I can highly recommend it. Not only does meditating improve your immune system and elevate your serotonin levels, thereby making you happier, but it has 18 other benefits. If you want to know more about it, click here.

If you want to read my simple guide to meditation, then click here.




Smiling is underrated. It stimulates your brain reward mechanism in the way that even chocolate cannot match and reduces hormones such as Cortisol and Adrenalin making you stress-free. The idea is to intentionally smile for 1-2 minutes in front of the mirror to get you into a better mood. If smiling in front of the mirror makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can watch a funny video (featuring cats obviously ;) ) or just watch a comedy.

If you want to learn how smiling can improve your health, then click here.




Exercise is vital. It improves our mood, induces endorphins into our bodies and if that’s not enough, it improves our self-confidence by building more muscle and reducing fat.




Helping others is in our DNA. It just feels good and besides it teaches us appreciation for things we take for granted and others lack.
And most importantly, do you know how good it feels to make someone’s day? Try the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge and find out.




This is the most important task you will have to master in order to achieve happiness. Mostly because this decides if you will thrive while you work, which believe it or not makes a third of our lives. So if you already found your passion, hold on to it and keep following it. If you haven’t found your passion just yet, then don’t worry. Try new things and hobbies and you’ll find it eventually.


Thanks for reading..Keep Improving.
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  • George Tsoukatos

    The 5th is what I’m trying to achieve. But first I have to find it and then to follow it…

  • manprovement

    Don’t worry George, you’ll find it someday! Just keep looking.