Lifestyle Experiment: 3 new habits.


I believe in change. In fact, I live for it. I don’t find anything as interesting and as beautiful as the possibility of something new and great and I know that it is in my hands. That’s great to hear, isn’t it? Therefor, I try to experiment with my life and surroundings to achieve the best lifestyle that will eventually make me more productive, less stressed and happier. I know that it requires a lot of work, but I’m determined and I know that I’ll eventually find it. 

So here are 3 new habits, that I want to implement in the next month into my life:

1. Only three hours of Internet.

I believe that the Internet drains my energy. Sometimes I feel addicted to it. And sometimes I spend up to 6 hours straight in the internet, visiting websites that I already visited the same day and in a vicious circle. Not only does it drain my energy, but it is incredible time-consuming.

Instead of being online all the time, I will use the time to do more productive things. I will only use the internet for: research, my blog and watching movies.

Make use of the internet, but don’t let it use you!

2. More exercise.

I am already fit, I jog and go swimming. But I want to start going to the gym twice a week to get those endorphins going and get myself in shape.

3. Follow my hobbies and passion.

The time which I won’t be spending in the internet, I will use it for the greater good, which means:

  1. I’ll write more; at least 3 times a week on my blog.
  2. Keep playing the guitar;
  3. Meditate up to 10 minutes before bedtime.

Well, now you heard my story. What are your 3 new habits that you want to implement into your life?

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